About Us

We opened in September 2019, we offer the following services to a wide community of Tree surgeons, Arborists, Forestry workers, landscapers and many other land based businesses.

With a constantly expanding range of Tree climbing equipment, PPE, storage solutions, hand tools and Tree felling products we excel at stocking a mixture of both traditional equipment and the most up to date products from industry manufacturers.

One of our most recent focuses is on supplying as many items that are Eco friendly, we currently stock a range of MARLOW ropes made from Re-cycled Plastic bottles. Our next recycled items will be some forms of PPE, felling wedges and Bags.

As well as providing high quality arboriculture equipment we also offer professionally and nationally recognised training for people either wishing to pursue or already involved in the Arboriculture and Forestry industries through our sister company Eastern Arboriculture.
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