£63.00 inc. Vat

The Director Swivel Eye is a compact termination connector designed to load in the strongest orientation. Ideal for lanyards, these lightweight, versatile and strong carabiners are easy to handle and can reduce the overall length of a system.


Featuring a textile friendly, swivelling eye, our new extra short gate, a generous curve in the loading area and boasting healthy gate openings, the Director Swivel Eye can be stitched, spliced or knotted into a system or lanyard or even connected to a DMM oval with a Prestin configuration aid to create a compact, swivelling double connector.

Compact, lightweight and versatile
Designed to ensure major axis loading
Textile friendly, swivelling, captive connection eye
‘Rhino horn’ ensures devices remain in loading area
Incorporates DMM’s shortest gate
Low overall length well suited to restricted height scenarios
Patented features
Hot forged and CNC machined

MBS 26kN major axis
MBS 9kN gate open
£52.50. For Locksafe option.


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